How To Modify The Pivot Point!

How to change the pivot point in Unity. ❤️ Subscribe to Oxmond Tutorials. New tutorials every day! Stay tuned! ✅ Download the free Sunny Land asset here: ✅ Other free assets from the Unity Assets Store:

How To Drag and Drop a 2D Object

Learn how to drag a 2D object with the mouse. In this tutorial we will create at general drag and drop script you can use on any sprite.  ♥ Subscribe to Oxmond Tutorials: ● Download the free Japanese Dishes sprites here:  ● Other Free…

How to change a sprite image with script

Learn to change a 2D sprite image from script (C#) in Unity 2018. Unity beginner tutorial. ♥ Subscribe to Oxmond Tutorials: ● Download 2D Assets Here: ● Free Packages at the Unity Assets Store: Bird script: /* .——-. .–. .——-. .–. .–. .–….